Zen Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Nothing’s nicer than cooking delicious meals in a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere; to feel that cooking means pleasure, opt for a Zen kitchen interior decoration. Discover this inspirational collection of Zen kitchen designs with many charming decorating ideas to refresh your spirit every day. Starting with basics; to give a Zen ambience to the kitchen, opt for a palette of light colors ranging from white to beige: hardwood floors, white chairs in wicker, and baskets for storage. The kitchen is delicate and harmonious. The combination between the purity of white and the nature represented in green is always excellent for a Zen ambience. Apple green shades boost the walls while reminding us of the serenity of green gardens. White gives the right balance: it balances the tone of sparkling green while filling the kitchen with luminosity. The final touch: a range of small pots of green plants and some pictures that confirm the desirable mood; fresh and soothing at the same time.

Natural wood is an ideal material when you want to create a soft atmosphere. If you choose kitchen furniture in light wood tones and simple lines, you will highlight the charm of the kitchen and create a delicate atmosphere. The kitchen is authentic, contemporary, and, before all, Zen. Maybe we used to think in white & beige rather than blue tones for a Zen interior decoration, in fact, blue in its different light shades is a perfect choice for a Zen kitchen design. According to recent researches, the color blue has a calming effect that helps you relax, feel better and breathe better. For those who dream of a Zen yet original kitchen, go for very soft blue; sky, celestial or crystal blue: serenity is guaranteed! To escape from the everyday urban life, we know that a little greenery is enough to feel in a serene and peaceful environment. For a tranquil mood in a Zen kitchen interior, enter some green plants to decorate the place and dare some creativity like the linoleum kitchen floors that imitate grass; two simple tips for a Zen kitchen decoration.

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