Zara Lookbook For Women

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In Zara lookbook for April 2011, colors came bright and cheerful matching with the vitality of the spring. The collection which contains different clothing styles is characterized by a minimalist style represented in simple models and designs without details. Zara lookbook includes shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts, pants, jackets and blazers. Long-sleeved shirts are simple but attractive in springy colors like orange and yellow. Short-sleeved blouses are also elegant; made of silk in bright colors such as royal blue, floral or striped; they look classy and feminine. Dresses are presented in both short and long styles; as we see the short sleeveless model in orange looks very cool and could be perfect on the beach. The long off-white dress looks more formal and classy; it’s almost the only model having few details; with beautiful embroidered chest and collar, and thin red belt, this dress is so stylish and fabulous. Leggings and straight pants are available in many colors including blue, beige and snake skin. Because in April we may feel cold in some days, Zara presents in this collection a nice variety of jackets and blazers in both casual and formal looks. The military jacket in 3/4 sleeves looks original and can match with casual as well as formal wear, it also looks so stylish when it’s worn with dresses. Formal blazers are presented in fresh colors such as fuchsia and bright green; those ones could give both casual or formal look because if you wear this fuchsia one for example on jeans, it will look cool & casual, while with other clothes it will look more formal and suitable for work. In addition to different types of clothes, this collection also includes some pretty bags and sandals in different models; little purses for work, colorful bags for the beach, formal high heel shoes, sandals with belting, etc.

Zara Lookbook

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