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You Don’t Know Gene Deitch But You Definitely Know His Work

Meet Gene Deitch, the Man Behind Your Memorable Childhood

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We all love pets for a number of reasons. They are cute, clever, and hilarious. If you have more than one pet, then you definitely know that sometimes they get along but at other times they just don’t. Does that remind you of something? Some pets conspire at home against each other and do pranks.

You may have guessed already what we are talking about: Tom and Jerry, the most famous cat and mouse ever. Not that we can count Jerry as a pet, but who wouldn’t agree that it’s simply the cutest mouse ever (Sorry Mickey).

Now, Do you know Gene Deitch?

Credit: fepoerba

We’ve all enjoyed Tom and Jerry but none of us has ever tried to know the amazing people behind one of our most favorite childhood cartoons. Today, we mourn Gene Deitch who dies at age 95. I bet you don’t know who he is. Until recently, his death actually, I didn’t know him either. Now, I know that this man has made my childhood more memorable. There are those who stand in the spotlight and there are those who stand behind the cameras.

Gene Deitch was a director and an illustrator famous for directing several episodes of Tom and Jerry and also directing episodes of Popeye the Sailor, the famous sailor who grew muscles when he ate spinach. Rest in Peace, Gene Deitch. You’ll always be remembered for making the childhood of many so memorable. Gene Deitch will be missed. Even his cartoon characters are mourning him.

Credit: lalitha79_m

Now, as we celebrate the work of Gene Deitch, let’s see some of the most memorable scenes from Tom and Jerry:

#1 Just keep looking.

Credit: pinterest

#2 An eye for an eye

tom and jerry ss3 1
Credit: commonsensemedia

#3 What is Tom up to?

Tom Jerry cartoon 765337
Credit: life-style

#4 When they are both too tired to fight, peace becomes a lovely option.

Tom and Jerry committed suicide scene from Blue Cat Blues 1280x720 1
Credit: unbelievable-facts

#5 And it’s finally a truce

T and J
Credit: vcat13

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