Yellow Kids’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas

safari by team7

Most of us think that yellow is a very strong and shiny color to be applied in a room; but for kids’ bedrooms it’s different because they must be cheerful and colorful to create an interesting ambiance for your kid to grow his imagination. Team 7 is a famous furniture manufacturer that always presents brilliant ideas and smart designs, this time they presented a very attractive design for a kids’ room using warm yellow and red. Contrary to the expected, the room doesn’t look too shiny; in fact it looks so beautiful and springy because the designer used the right tone which is the warm yellow and didn’t use it too much. The room consists of a bed, wardrobe and desk plus two practical storage units; furniture is made of wood and looks amazing in a natural wooden color. The yellow color was used in few elements such as the warm yellow wall behind the wardrobe in contrast to the white facing and side wall, the carpet, the sheet and some pillows as well as some small elements like the lamp and the basket. Red color was only used in handles which came very beautiful with wooden furniture. The general look of the room is awesome because it’s a perfect combination between wood, white and warm yellow with a little of red. In addition to the fabulous look, the room is very practical and comfortable as the design used the space very well to install a comfortable bed with an additional one hidden under it, a comfortable desk and a lot of practical shelves and drawers for storage, it also leaves enough space in the room for your kids to play and have fun.

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