World’s Longest LEGO Walk

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Have you ever stepped on a LEGO barefoot and got the wind knocked out of you? It’s one of the worst things you could ever experience! Now imagine not stepping, but walking on the longest LEGO walk in the Guinness World Records. How many of you have the guts to even try and stand still on a pile of LEGOs? We’re guessing almost no one.

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Dude perfect is an American sports entertainment show where a group of five best friends make videos that combine between sports and comedy.  They definitely did not fail to make us laugh. In their latest video, World’s Longest LEGO Walk, Tyler Toney breaks the world record for the longest LEGO walk. It takes a great deal of courage. Hats off to Tyler!

Watch the video attached below and see how Tyler fulfills such an extraordinary act. We can tell you that he was definitely in pain!

Will he make it or will he break it?


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