Wooden Beds for Kids Bedroom

If wood is coming back strongly in modern interiors whether in the kitchens or the living room, why wouldn’t it be present in the kids’ room as well? A wooden bed in a modern style will be the centerpiece of a kids’ room full of freshness and softness. Here are some interesting ideas for modern kids’ bed designs made of wood. To be on top of the trend even in the kids’ room, choose a bed design which takes the Scandinavian spirit with a mixture of light wood and white parts that give a contemporary style. With its timeless lines, it can accompany your child for a long time. If you want a kid’s bed having the warm ambience of the wood but more modern and no less practical, you have many models with storage spaces under the mattress to accommodate books and other toys; this way your child will feel as if he’s in his cocoon. If you prefer the charming country style, focus on a little traditional bed in solid pine. And to keep on practicality, get it with drawers at the bottom for example.

Wooden Bed Designs for Kids Bedroom 1

Wooden Bed Designs for Kids Bedroom 2

Wooden Bed Designs for Kids Bedroom 3

Wooden Bed Designs for Kids Bedroom 4

Wooden Bed Designs for Kids Bedroom 5

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