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A chic woman must express herself in different ways; it’s not just a matter of choosing elegant wears, it’s about how to match them together and how to use the right accessories to complete the pretty look. Your clothing style reflects your personality, so choose a style suitable for your age, body shape and the look you want to create. To create a chic look, try matching clothes and accessories to form some different sets following the fashion and the style you prefer. The matching between brown & off-white is traditional but still fashionable; a subtle off-white dress with a beautiful brown bag looks classy and chic. Jeans pants are the most practical because you can wear anything with them, for a more stylish look try a neutral color for the shirt with an attractive color for accessories; a gray shirt on a jean with a red hat & red shoes would look very stylish and up-to-date. With a floral dress, try always to add simple accessories; put a plain color for the bag & shoes. Colors like black, white & beige will never become unfashionable, those colors can be matched with any other color according to the occasion.

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