Woman Buys Wrong Size Bed for Her Dog But Dog Pretends it is Perfect!

Hilarious photos of Golden Retriever pretending that tiny bed his owner accidentally ordered online is actually a perfect fit!

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For us mere humans, ordering the wrong size of item can be a total nightmare and invariably results in a load of repacking and returning the item while we wait for a more suitable replacement. For one lucky dog owner, that clearly wasn’t going to be the case when she accidentally ordered a dog bed that was way too small for her adorable Golden Retriever.

mom accidentally ordered xs dog bed paetonmathes 3 58ef1c297fbf2 700
Image Credit: paetonmathes

It is hard to work out exactly why the dog would be so pleased with a bed that was little bigger than a pocket-handkerchief and suitable more as a pillow for his head than his whole body, but clearly he is more than content with her new present that his owner could have hoped for, and it looks like it isn’t going to be returned for a bigger one any time soon. The good news is that shortly afterward, Kenny’s owner bought him a much larger and far more suitable bed.

If only humans could be so thankful, even when we get things slightly wrong. Birthday’s and Christmases would be so much less hassle if those people you bought gifts for were more appreciative of the thought behind the gifts as opposed to finding fault with them or giving you that look’ that tells you they are really disappointed with what you bought them.

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Perhaps you have spent ages thinking about a suitable present for someone special and been so excited when you gave it to them, only to be left feeling really flat and disappointed when they failed to express the same level of enthusiasm when they discovered what you had given them? If so, tell us all about what happened in the comments section below.

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