Willow Smith New Hair 2013

Willow Smith New Hair 2013 1

Ladies, when was the last time you saw the young actress and pop singer Willow Smith? A month ago, at the 2013 Kids Choice Awards, right?! Aha! Then, you all still remember how her hair looked like at this event, right?! Exactly, it was short, spiked up and black. Okay, I have to tell you that this hairstyle is a part of the past right now. How come?!! Why?! My precious readers, I think that the reason is so obvious, so guess it! Okay, okay, I’m going to stop this blah-blah and reveal that reason. I said what is written above, simply because Willow has ditched those natural-looking, yet wild short black locks for much wilder medium- length purple bobbed ones. Shocking makeover, isn’t it?! Of course it is, but don’t you agree with me that it may be fake; I mean a wig?! Anyway, you need to know that Smith has showed off her new hairdo on her Twitter account since a few days ago. That’s it, beauties, we are done!! So yes, nothing left for me to say other than goodbye!




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