Willow Smith Hairstyles

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Willow Smith is one of the youngest superstars in America. Besides being the daughter of the two super stars Will Smith & Jada Smith, Willow has been so smart and creative in such a way that has helped her to create her own fame. Willow is one of the most famous young stars for her stylish, creative and fashionable looks. A major part of her fashionable and shiny look is her hair. Willow Smith has been so diverse in anything concerning her hair. Willow’s hair has passed over all of the three haircuts; the long, medium and short haircuts. Willow has styled her hair in very stunning, creative and artistic ways regardless of the haircuts. But to be honest with you, her short hairstyles are the most creative and stylish among all of her hairstyles. Willow’s short hairstyles can be considered as copycatting versions of Rihanna’s short hairstyles! I know that you’ve become so curious to know all of Willow’s creative and stunning hairstyles. So, let’s start making a trip to discover some, or maybe all of her hairstyles. For the short haircuts, Willow has worn the stylish bowl cut, backcombed, undercut and quiff hairstyles. Willow has even worn the boyish Square hairstyles. Besides those fashionable and stylish hairstyles, Willow has also worn the mini dreadlock, micro braid and curly hairstyles. On the other hand, Willow has worn diverse hairstyles for her long & medium haircuts. Those long & medium hairstyles have bounced between the softness and weirdness, but all have been so glamorous. Most of the times, Willow has worn braided hairstyles like; micro braids , cornrows, heart shaped braids and many other braided hairstyles. Besides the braided hairstyles, Willow has worn ponytail, half up, curly and straight hairstyles. You can say that Willow has also tried as possible as she could to be so diverse and stylish in her long and medium hairstyles.. As you can see that Willow Smith has been very creative in all the hairstyles and that’s besides the outfits she has worn! That has made many girls from different ages try to imitate Willow’s hairstyles. Really, I can’t tell those girls except “Not just a good choice, but it’s a very clever and smart one!”.. Now, I’ll leave you with the pictures of Willow Smith stylish hairstyles. So, enjoy your time and goodbyes!!

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