White Wood Magazine and CD Holder by Flavia Dalla Pellegrina

Magazine and CD Holder

Modern style designers always depend on simplicity and functionality, they always try to create practical furniture that doesn’t take much space and looks stylish at the same time. One of those designers is the young Italian Flavia Dalla Pellegrina who launched lately a new project called Pallet. Pallet is a modern magazine and CD holder that’s very original and also practical. The originality of this unit can be noticed through two major elements: the material used in it which is wood instead of the usual steel, and its unique & fashionable design. The holder has a rectangular shape with a rectangular free space so once it’s put against the wall, it looks like a beautiful frame showing the magazines as beautiful pictures inside their frames. There is also a version without the free space. The designer used white wood to match with any wall color. As for practicality, this holder has a quite large space to accommodate many magazines and CDs. You can install only one of these holders or you can combine many of them to make a beautiful form on your wall. This Magazine and CD Holder is not just practical, it can also add to your modern interior a very unique and fashionable look.

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