White, Black and Red Kitchen Design by Cesar

White black and red kitchen

Black & white is a familiar theme in modern decorating styles, with a touch of red it looks even more stylish and contemporary; that’s what the Italian company Cesar presented in this kitchen design called “Gio”. This design is suitable for large spaces; the kitchen consists of big cabinets, deep closets and a large kitchen island in the center. It is also equipped with two ovens and built-in stove, the island is equipped with a sink and a large countertop to be used as a dining table. Cabinets are made of dark oak wood in matte black color while closets are finished in glossy white lacquer. Red color appears in the kitchen island and two sliding doors next to the cabinets; glossy lacquered red is adding a bright look to the black & white usual contrast and enriches the trendy ambiance of the kitchen. Sink, appliances and handles in stainless steel are matching very well with the kitchen’s colors and modern design. The design is based on the minimalist style with simple rectangular shapes and sharp lines; it looks up-to-date and very stylish. As for the practical side, this kitchen contains many functional units such as the sliding door which hides a complete storage unit equipped with a useful stainless steel shelves system that help to organize stuff easier. Some red accessories are used to enrich the bright look such as red mixer, red cups…etc. This contemporary kitchen design can easily match with any modern interior and add to it a more fashionable look.

White black and red kitchen design Gio by Cesar

White black and red kitchen design Gio by Cesar 2

White black and red kitchen design Gio by Cesar 3

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