White Bathroom Furniture Collection by Pom d’Or

Bathroom Furniture Collection

Pom d’Or, the Spanish manufacturing brand of bathroom furniture and accessories, is presenting its latest collection “Waterstone” designed by the owner of the company Oriano Faveretto, clearly inspired by the water drop view. The collection is characterized by a minimalist style and a sensual luxury atmosphere. The beauty of this collection is coming through using glossy white furniture with white walls and floors which make you feel tranquil and comfortable… with some beautiful touches of purple or black, the look is even more delightful. The collection consists of wash basins, mirrors, wall cabinets and independent cabinets. Each element is designed in a very simple but elegant style. It’s not just looking amazing and luxurious but also it’s very practical; wall cabinets are very large, and independent cabinets have invisible doors that hide behind them enough spaces for storage. There is also a smart seat in the same shape and color that can be opened from its top, and because of its depth, it can be also used as a laundry basket.

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