White and Colored Laundry Room Designs by Idea Group

Laundry Room Designs

Functionality is the title for “Spazio Bianco” and “Spazio Color” which are two collections of laundry room designs presented by Idea group. Both collections are based on one idea: the best utilization of space. The collections contain cabinets in different sizes and shapes to fit in any laundry room no matter what space it is. Cabinets are very practical with large spaces for storage and some helpful accessories inside of them; for example there is a cabinet that contains inside of it an iron table with all ironing stuff.
Regardless of how small your space is, you can make it very practical and comfortable by applying one of those designs. Units can be bought separately so you can furnish your laundry room according to your needs. All cabinets look modern and simple. The only difference between those two collections is the cabinet’s color; “Spazio Color” collection provides a variety of colors for cabinets while “Spazio Bianco” includes only white cabinets.

blue laundry room design

green laundry room design

white laundry room design 1

white laundry room design 1

white laundry room design 3

yellow laundry room design

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