What Dad and the Kids Get Up to when Mom’s Away [Video]

What Dad and the Kids Get Up to when Mum’s Away

There is an expression that goes something like “When the cat’s away the mice will play”. There is also another well-known expression, which is “Good cop bad cop”. Translated into a more appropriate language for this video content, perhaps we should be saying “When Mom’s away Dad and the kids are going to have treats” and “Fun-loving Dad but Mom knows best.” However the sort of fun these kids, Avery and Logan, and their dad get up to is really quite a surprise. At the mention of the words “candy challenge” you get an inkling of what is about to happen, and then the rest is totally unexpected. Never before at Stylish Eve have we seen children behave in such a remarkably agile and athletic way. Put simply, it is incredible. And yet the total beauty of all this is that the kids haven’t a clue how exceptionally athletic they are. They really are quite an eye opener.

So we wondered what the secret to their strength was. Perhaps they had a special diet. Maybe their parents are not from this planet. They look and talk like normal children, so may be they have super powers instead. In fact, maybe that is the answer. We checked the name of the person who posted this video on YouTube and we think it might actually be an alias for someone many of you will know and whose name you will instantly recognize. That’s right, Peter Parker, alias Spiderman! When you see the way these two kids climb up the wall it will all begin to make perfect sense to you. And if you are still bit skeptical or plainly just don’t want to believe us, why don’t you try shimmying up a door frame to reach a candy stick and see how far you get before you fall off!

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