Washing Machines for Small Spaces

Washing Machines

Small apartments always need smart solutions and practical ideas to save space as much as it’s possible, and when you live in a small apartment, your bathroom isn’t big enough to accommodate the washing machine and of course you don’t have a space for a laundry room. That’s why Smeg came up with this brilliant idea to help you benefit perfectly from your bathroom space even if it is very small; they presented their recent product -LBL16RO- which is a washing machine combined with a practical sink! LBL16RO is a wonderful solution to save space in the bathroom; it doesn’t take but the space of a small washbasin but it contains under it a very functional washing machine that is equipped with the most recent technological systems to help the modern housewife such as; 15 washing programs, Delay timer, Automatic variable load, Variable spin speed from 600 up to 1600 rpm, Extra large 300 mm porthole, Self cleaning pump & filter and Door safety lock. It is also equipped with an Electronic display panel with 5 Buttons: start/pause, rapid wash, easy iron, spin, and extra rinse. With a total dimension of: 310 mm W x 330 mm L x 130 mm D, the sink includes a stainless steel mixer and drain. Besides all these advantages, LBL16RO looks very stylish with a lovely retro look inspired by the 50s style and a pretty pink color; it could beautifully decorate any modern bathroom in a practical way. It is also available in a pastel blue version.

Pink Space Saving Washing Machine LBL16RO by Smeg 1

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