Vol De Nuit Perfume by Guerlain

Jacques Guerlain, was inspired to create Vol De Nuit fragrance in 1933, by Antoine Saint Exupery’s second novel ‘Night Flight’, & what it carries from love, romance & mystery, which makes the woman feel sexy, with a daring lusty scent that’s characterized by its powdery & woody aromas, which makes the fragrance perfect for mid night romance & intense occasions that suits such an intense fragrance. Guerlain’s Vol de Nuit fragrance has citrusy top notes combined with narcissus, bergamot, galbanum & petit grain, then softened with the middle notes of vanilla, aldehydes, iris, Indonesian carnation, violet, rose & jasmine, then at the base, you’ll find the spicy & woody aromas gathered with the notes of oakmoss, spices, sandalwood, musk, & orris root.

Vol De Nuit fragrance comes in two forms; Vol de Nuit Extract that will give you the intense aroma of Vol de Nuit just by a couple of drops, & it comes in a smoked dark amber glass bottle, engraved by a drawing of an airplane wing in flight, with its name cut out in gilded metal & the second form you’ll find is Guerlain’s Vol de Nuit eau de toilette, that leaves a lasting trail, & comes in the historic dark amber “Bee” bottle that’s engraved with the Emperor’s favorite emblem; a constellation of 69 bees that symbolizes Napoleon’s empire.The perfect fragrance for fall & cold weathers, as it covers you with sexy warm blends that spice you up for evenings.

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Vol De Nuit Perfume by Guerlain 2

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