Vivid & Functional Kids’ Rooms by Kibuc

VividFunctional Kids Rooms by Kibuc 18


Kibuc of Spain produces contemporary and modern Mediterranean-inspired furniture for the home. Here, we look at some of their pre-adolescent designs. The color palette is interesting and vivid to reflect the personalities of the young persons who will be at home with it, and its style is versatile to accommodate their changing needs with growing stages of development.



Rooms for ages 0-3 are alive and vibrant to provide for healthy stimulation. A playful tone and versatile storage assure that the furniture will be functional throughout the infant and toddler years. Wall décor further enhances the room’s playful charm.




Children in the range of 3-8 years old are moving into kindergarten and school. Their exposure to pop culture and peer expectations begins to influence color choices, while their growing size and self-sufficiency demand style changes. Their rooms must now accommodate siblings and/or guests, making efficient use of space more important. Instead of room to play on the floor they now must have storage and a place to study. Bunkbed and loft designs, lockers, wall-mounted cubbies, underbed drawers, overbed shelving, dressers, and chests, with age-appropriate desk designs make it all possible.








Maturing personality, taste, and interests are expressed by selections of color and wall decor. Compatible standard colors of turquoise, violet, lime, pink, and tangerine means that pieces can be added or substituted as the child’s needs change. Coordinating age-appropriate color combinations, pieces, and wall décor creates an ambience to grow, learn, and welcome friends, where the mood is enhanced by robots or sports stars or origami or polka dots.







For 8- to 12-year-olds, color palettes can be more sophisticated, looking toward the teen years. Storage options increase with the addition of a movable desk pedestal. For those being promoted to a single room, a trundle option provides comfortable and compact accommodation for a guest. The sleek lines and smooth surfaces combine with ample storage to make this arrangement easy to keep clean and tidy.

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