Vintage Bathtubs With Curved Design by MAAX Collection

Vintage Bathtubs

Having a classic decorating style doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the latest technology. That was meant by MAAX Collection in its new bathtub design called -Roman Bathtub-. A lot of people still prefer the classic style in their homes, and to be honest this kind of furnishing style can be very luxurious like those pictures below that show a very glamorous bathroom decoration. The only problem with classic furniture in a bathroom is that it is not usually practical and not equipped with the new technologies comparing with the modern one, MAAX has solved this problem by this Roman Bathtub which is a combination between technology and prestige. The Roman bathtub is having a rectangular shape with elegant billowing curves and soft edges; its design reminds us of the glamorous furniture of the 19th. century. It is available in two versions; freestanding or drop-in. What distinguish this bathtub is that it is not just having a majestic look but also equipped by most recent technological system in order to offer the maximum relaxation which would be very suitable to the whole luxurious atmosphere. The freestanding version is equipped by an Air massage system with Aerofeel and a chromotherapy system. The drop-in version has the same advantages plus two more ones which are water massage system with Hydrofeel and Hydromax and a combined water & air massage system. Both versions are representing the beauty of the traditional craftsmanship when it blends with the latest massage technology in order to create such a sophisticated & relaxing design.

roman bathtub by maax collection 0roman bathtub by maax collection 2roman bathtub by maax collection 3roman bathtub by maax collection 4

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