Victoria’s Secret Tankinis

Stop wondering what Tankinis are, & let me tell you simply tell you what’s this mixture of Tanks & bikinis, It’s the brilliant Figure-shaping bikini with a tank top instead of a bra top with the same support but with a little extra shaping, just a new way to look slimmer & hot while having all the bikini features of push-up pads or molded foam pads for your comfort with stylish different bottoms designs to suit every lady & girl “low-rise, mid-rise, scoop, strings bottoms or ruched-skirt bottoms” . Just have the same fun wearing a bikini but with a little zestier cover-up, it’s what you need to show your curves with a more defining look. Wear the prints you love in shapes you’d love, while having the colors you enjoy the most, because it’s not just prints that you can enjoy from Victoria’s secret swimwear collection, you’ll also get to have a shimmering sparkle with their colors collection & designs that are made to help you stay in style & trendy all the times so you wouldn’t fall behind in fashion.

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