Victoria Justice New Haircut 2012

It seems that scissors won’t stay fixed in their places during the left of 2012! Exactly, pretties, like you can figure out; this topic is going to be about a new celebrity haircut and nothing more. “Who is she? Which cut has she opted for? and when?” are the questions that I’m going to answer just after a few moments.

Concerning the first question, you need to know that today’s star is the young talented actress, singer, and dancer Victoria Justice. I’m pretty sure that many of you are so shocked to know that the “Victorious” star has chopped off her super long locks. Of course, it’s a great loss, but let’s look at the bright side; she hasn’t gone so far from the “long hair” zone.

You can say that Justice has turned from wearing so-long tresses to just-long ones! You need to know that the 19-year-old starlet revealed this new hairstyle while attending the premiere of her newest movie “Fun Size”. Now, I can say that we’re absolutely done. Yes, ladies, I’ve answered all the questions and it’s your turn! To do what?! To answer an important question, “Do you love the new hairdo debuted by Vicky or not?”!





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