Very Stylish 50 Square Meter Family Duplex Apartment

We present you this time a different example of very small interior designs with many inspiring ideas; this small interior with a space of only 30 m2 plus a mezzanine floor has transformed, thanks to a young, talented couple, into a comfortable family duplex apartment of 50 m2. It’s a helpful lesson in optimizing the space while keeping on the refined style; this stylish small apartment interior is full of creative designing ideas and smart tricks that can help you design your own small interior. This space of 36 m2, in the Haussmann style, was originally composed of two lots with an office. They were separated by a partition which was between the two front windows. Both openings are combined and are now the only source of natural light that diffuses nice luminosity from floor to ceiling. The 3.70 m height allowed using it vertically; the young architects Painvin Celine and Daniel Garcia had the idea of creating a second level to take full advantage of the floor area and create a real living space: living room on a side and dining on the other.

Under the mezzanine, a large closet is built as a dressing; its sliding oak doors are discrete for an easy integration into the living room. As for the kitchen, it is created under part of the mezzanine. Under the mezzanine, the wall, in concrete and painted tiles, fulfills three functions: it supports the mezzanine, separates the spaces, and offers various storage spaces. The two bedrooms are separated by the end of the staircase that creates a separation in the floor of the mezzanine and provides additional light. The loft is framed by panels of 1.50 m wide. The slatted blinds create sweet intimacy in the baby room. The floor is covered with sisal; a coating that is harmonious with the color of the wood and enhances the cozy feeling of the place.

The kitchen is located near the entrance of the apartment, which facilitates the storage of shopping. It is designed in a very modern style while being equally practical. It consists of three spaces: The first one is a wall on which are installed the sink and an opalescent glass backsplash, a refrigerator, a built-in oven, and a nice storage space in the form of base cabinets and top wall cabinets covered with glossy lacquered wooden doors for a very fashionable look. The second important part of the kitchen is the island which accommodates the stove, and the worktop in addition to two big drawers for storage, and the last part is the bar which can serve as a nice breakfast table as well as defining the space of the kitchen.

At the first level, an area of about 30 m2 benefits from two large openings that capture maximum light. The living room is separated from the dining area by the sculptural presence of a metal staircase made of a steel sheet with steps in ash. The kitchen and storage spaces are located in the less-illuminated space which is the rear area, where also the toilet corner is installed. The second level reflects an excellent optimization of space, on a surface of only 11 m². The bathroom is even equipped with a bathtub.

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