Very Small Apartment Design Ideas

Small Apartment Design

Is your apartment very small? You don’t have but a small space and you need to furnish it in a practical & beautiful way? Don’t worry, you can do this, take a look at this smart design for a 40 square meter interior as it may interest you. The designer used the space very well to benefit from each meter. In only 40 meters he created a kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and bathroom. The kitchen is installed right face to the iterance in a reasonable space taking an oven, a refrigerator, a washing machine and a dishwasher in addition to some practical storage units hanged to the wall. Just next to the kitchen; a beautiful dining table with 4 comfortable chairs are set. In front of the dining table, the designer used a comfortable sofa and a small coffee table to create a very nice living room; the 2 walls beside the sofa were transformed into practical shelves to accommodate a lot of stuff. After the living room there is a bathroom equipped with all necessary furniture; a washbasin, toilet and shower cabinet. Inside, there is the bedroom where the designer created also a small dressing room with a very functional wardrobe accommodating all clothes and shoes. All furniture is modern and contemporary and the whole apartment is decorated in black, white and red which bring a stylish and fashionable look to this very small but very comfortable interior.

small apartment 1

small apartment 2small apartment 3

small apartment 4

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