Very Decorative Wood Kitchen Islands

Wood Kitchen Islands

Wood is still very trendy in the kitchen decoration and especially the central island which became the centerpiece that can set the tone of the whole kitchen. If you like nature and you love to add the prettiest natural material “wood” to your interior decoration; we present you some interesting kitchen islands using wood for different kitchen styles. Unlike what you might think, wood is not necessarily used to bring a rustic style. On the contrary, in the last few years, it became very contemporary and fashionable; a kitchen island that mixes light & dark wood with a worktop in glossy black granite for example will add a graphic style and a very elegant look to a contemporary kitchen. The Scandinavian style, which has a lot of fans recently, depends usually on combining clean lines with natural materials such as wood. To emphasize the style in your kitchen, opt for an island that mixes wood with white parts to highlight the Scandinavian spirit. For a minimalist style, the kitchen island can be decorated with several materials. For example, wood can be used on the corners of the square shape of the island to soften the presence of the metal cabinets and work plan that imitate stone; this makes the island look very modern yet still very practical. If you want to create a chalet atmosphere to your kitchen, wood is the ideal material. In this case choose for the kitchen island a kind of wood finish that shows wood knots. For the worktop, you can choose the imitation of stone in order to bring a more natural look. Finally, for a retro touch in the kitchen, you can opt for a wood kitchen island painted in a soft color like gray-blue for example. To recall the natural wood, choose an unpainted wooden worktop.

Very Decorative Wood Kitchen Island Models 1

Very Decorative Wood Kitchen Island Models 2

Very Decorative Wood Kitchen Island Models 3

Very Decorative Wood Kitchen Island Models 4

Very Decorative Wood Kitchen Island Models 5

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