Very Contemporary White Kitchen Designs

Although colorful kitchen designs are strongly on trend, white kitchens are still fashionable. This timeless color that is used to add a classy touch to traditional décor is equally used recently in very contemporary and even minimalist designs, which usually tend to use white in furniture & decoration. For fans of the purity & clearness of white, we present you a collection of modern white kitchen designs with very stylish decorative ideas to keep your kitchen always elegant.

Being a symbol for clarity, the color white is excellent to illuminate any interior decoration, and because it matches perfectly with sleek furniture & clean lines, it’s always preferred in minimalist designs. Modern & minimalist kitchens that have a total white look are so trendy; however, be aware that a totally white look turns boring fast, also a too white decoration is not preferred as it can bring a non-desirable “hospital effect”. To avoid the cold and boring look of a totally white kitchen where furniture, walls, and even floors are in pure white, add some pretty touches of color using colorful decorative accessories that will come to revive the ambience and give your white kitchen a fresher look.

The best idea when decorating a white kitchen is to integrate wood elements in it. For example, mix your white kitchen furniture with wood countertops and parquet flooring; this way you will achieve many advantages: white furniture will illuminate the kitchen while wood elements will warm the total look and give it a more convivial atmosphere. Also, mixing wood with white is perfect to set a nice & delightful natural spirit especially when you add more natural touches to your kitchen interior such as green plants or fresh flowers; this way you’ll get the freshness & sweetness of the natural style while keeping on the contemporary look of your kitchen. In addition, remember that combining wood with white is not just delicate & charming, but also very stylish as this combination is the base of the Scandinavian decorative style, which is becoming super trendy.

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