Verragio Engagement Rings: The Couture Collection

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Verragio has been around since 1910, creating modestly-priced luxurious engagement rings with their signature Lumino setting. The Couture Collection is one of five collections offered by the jeweler. Priced from $1,675.00 to $5,050.00, there is a style befitting any budget, and it is well worth the money.

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Notice the crown-shaped bezel underneath the center stone as it is a lasting trend throughout the collection. Round pave set stones build their way around the bands on each set. Available in both 14K gold and platinum (shown), the brilliance of the diamonds will add charm to any bride.

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Round and oval stones encircled by endless round stones make for an intoxicating array of resplendence. The top picture with its dual band on the engagement ring has a wider shape under the culet for a plumper finger while the latter design steeples near the top for a narrower digit: this is something to keep in mind when scouting engagement rings.

Verragio-Engagement-Rings-The Couture-Collection_5

Verragio-Engagement-Rings-The Couture-Collection_6

The cushion cut on the former ring adds a bit of whimsy to a setting while the crisp cut of a square form is in keeping with a more classic and vintage style. Both rings are available with round, princess, radiant and square (shown) centerpiece stones.

Verragio-Engagement-Rings-The Couture-Collection_7

Verragio-Engagement-Rings-The Couture-Collection_8

The culet of nethermost ring has been shaved down to a surface rather than a point allowing for an unobstructed view of the crown-shaped bezel with its peek-a-boo setting while the top photo keeps to the customary culet point. The finish on each of the rings serves to highlight the main event, the spectacular precious gemstones.

Verragio-Engagement-Rings-The Couture-Collection_9

Verragio-Engagement-Rings-The Couture-Collection_10

A polished girdle adds to the grandeur of the ring, and makes it easy to spot the inlaid area on the crown. Prong settings ensure a proper hold on the centerpiece stone while perpetuating the drama in the piece.

Verragio-Engagement-Rings-The Couture-Collection_11

Verragio-Engagement-Rings-The Couture-Collection_12

The round cut and melee stones surrounding these rings look like ice thanks to the dispersions cast by the proportion of its facets.

Verragio-Engagement-Rings-The Couture-Collection_13

Verragio-Engagement-Rings-The Couture-Collection_14

A timeless notion, the solitaire diamond is every woman’s wedding dream, and adding peek-a-boo diamonds along the claw setting is the icing on the cake. The distinction in each ring boars down to the smallest details: the ring at top has in facing embellishments surrounding the crown-shaped bezel, while the bottom ring is in keeping with the majority of the collection and its outward facing decoration.

Verragio-Engagement-Rings-The Couture-Collection_15

Verragio-Engagement-Rings-The Couture-Collection_16

The table spread on the round nuclei in this Couture collection allows for optimal fire in the stone. And, while each ring set is surrounded by stunning pave, the anomalies can be easily identified and enjoyed for their individual excellence.

Verragio-Engagement-Rings-The Couture-Collection_17

Verragio-Engagement-Rings-The Couture-Collection_18

The prongs on these rings look more like a comforting cradle nestling a mother’s precious delight.

Verragio-Engagement-Rings-The Couture-Collection_19

Verragio-Engagement-Rings-The Couture-Collection_20

The distinctive design on the setting of these rings is breathtaking. Intimately set diamonds strategically placed, along with bands and prongs bring out the character in these styles. Beautifully pointed culets, and high polished finishes make these rings worth waiting for. The princess cut in the latter ring, along with its two smaller companions is an embraceable trio, just like the former round cut ring.

Verragio-Engagement-Rings-The Couture-Collection_21

Verragio-Engagement-Rings-The Couture-Collection_22

Verragio-Engagement-Rings-The Couture-Collection_23

Verragio-Engagement-Rings-The Couture-Collection_24

Verragio-Engagement-Rings-The Couture-Collection_25

Verragio-Engagement-Rings-The Couture-Collection_26

Verragio-Engagement-Rings-The Couture-Collection_27

Verragio-Engagement-Rings-The Couture-Collection_28

Verragio-Engagement-Rings-The Couture-Collection_29

Every ring in the collection shines magnificently, and provides the panache that we have become accustomed to with Verragio jewelers. In this collection, we will not find illusion settings or unadorned bands, but we will find daring bling!

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