USHER VIP Perfume for Men

If you feel that you are a VIP, then this USHER VIP cologne is right for you. From the name itself, you get the feeling that this cologne is different, strong, masculine and will give you a great confidence.VIP comes in a very attractive unique bottle transparent in color showing you the color of the cologne and manufactured with a big V letter, it is one of Elizabeth Arden’s very successful perfumes. VIP has the great woody and spicy scent; it has the top notes of spicy nutmeg and saffron and is based on opulent nuances of suede, along with bergamot, tangerine and cumquat. VIP is also available as a body shampoo and bath, an after shave balm and a deodorant.

Usher VIP Cologne for Men 2

Usher VIP Cologne for Men 3

Usher VIP Cologne for Men 4

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