Unusual Futuristic Bathtub Design from Hoesch


Futuristic decorating style depends on unusual designs and shapes. Even if it looked sometimes bizarre, it has a lot of fans, those who like very unique furnishing style that’s even more original than ultra modern and dislike classic and traditional style. If you are one of those people, this new bathtub design by Hoesch called Libeskind could interest you. Hoesch, the famous German brand, presented this design in collaboration with Daniel Libeskind the New York based architect. The design is taking the form of an oblique bathtub placed onto another; it reflects clearly the futuristic style represented in simple lines, geometrical shapes and diagonal forms, and also the usage of the built-in lighting system which creates some amazing movement effects. This optical design is in fact for a simple bathtub that doesn’t contain any extra additions in its interior, only different in its unusual shape and visual effect.

hoesch libeskind futuristic bathtub 1hoesch libeskind futuristic bathtub 2

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