Unique Indoor Scenery: Oceania Living Room, Miami by B. Pila Design Studio

Unique Indoor Scenery Oceania Living Room Miami 01


The residents of this home already have a great view out the corner windows of their living room — but as an added bonus, they’ve brought in extra “scenery” to this living room in Miami, done by B. Pila Design Studio. Blue is a predominant color here: a blue bull sculpture in one corner, set off by abstract art beside it that echoes shades from indigo to violet, set on a slate-blue background wall. Deep blue-violet on a cuddly afghan on the cream-colored sofa, and blue geometric accents on the rug beneath wood and glass tables, contribute to an almost monochromatic feel in the room. Behind the wall, a glimpse into two dining areas reveals more blue, in the art on the walls and the chairs by one table. Finally, of course, there is the shifting azure of sea and sky, the ever-changing natural tint that shades this room.


But this living room has an extra unique feature: on the ceiling, hidden beneath a wood-trimmed square panel, are what appear to be three theatrical spotlights — red, green, and blue. These are, in turn, targeted at a side wall that seems unassuming enough at first; its blue matches the background of so much in this room, and its only ornaments are African-themed mask and statue art…plus a small rectangular rack of DVDs. These come into play (literally) on the other hidden aspect of this wall: two white screens. The DVDs can then be shown on this impromptu “movie screen” — one of the most popular, apparently, being a beach scene, complete with palm trees and sunshine…no doubt for use on a rare rainy day! With this unique indoor “scenery,” the Oceania living room has a touch of “ocean” to it, no matter what the weather.



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Written by Janet Butler

Janet W. Butler is a freelance writer, editor, and editorial consultant by day and a “small soprano” by night. An RWA Golden Heart Winner, she is the author of the inspirational romance From the Ashes (“the best little book no one’s ever heard of”), published by SANDS Publishing in 2001; and a romantic suspense, Voice of Innocence, from Desert Breeze Publishing. She is a Chicago native transplanted to northeast Indiana, where she lives with her husband, daughter, and Cassandra “Trouble” Butler, S.R.C. (Spoiled Rotten Cat).

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