Unique Bathroom Designs

When it comes to designing your home, there are no certain rules or limits except for keeping on the decorative touch and beautiful designs. Each part of the house should be carefully furnished and designed to give you the best ambiance that keeps you relaxed every single minute when you are at home. The bathroom is definitely one of the most important places where much care should be taken; it is the place where you seek comfort and relaxation the most. Spending hours in your bathtub is one of the best things that you can do to relief the whole day’s stress for example. Since relaxation is demanded in your bathroom, then you must design it carefully according to your own taste that gives you what you need out of your bathroom. If you are a nonconventional person, and you don’t settle for ordinary bathrooms, then this collection of unique bathrooms is sure to delight you. When you check the bathroom designs offered in these pictures, you will find out that unique is the exact word to describe them, many styles are introduced in this collection by a great group of manufacturers.

If you want to get the wild feeling of the jungle, then go for wooden bathrooms that give you that natural feeling of trees, like this bathroom with wooden tiles covering the walls and a great modern design having a sink cabinet that is made of sharp lines and is great for storage along with a white sink that also comes in a rectangular form with sharp edges to keep on the modernity and simplicity along with a rectangular mirror and some shelves mounted on the wall. Now to get that wild jungle ambiance, hanging plants where held against the wall in one side of the bathroom and other various plants were also added in this corner to give that green touch which resembles the jungle, a shag rug was also added to complete the look. For a rustic styled bathroom, check this bathroom having its tub in a circular form resembling a well and having a wooden cover and some wooden buckets that look exactly like those of the farm, some roses were sprinkled in the water of the tub for a romantic touch and candles were put for lighting to keep on the simple rustic ambiance. In case you want to go more modern, you can choose this white modern bathroom that utilizes less wood just for the parquet flooring, shelves, and the toilet cover, it is lacquered and the walls are made of pure white and beige colors using both ceramic tiles and wall painting or you can check this fully tiled bathroom that comes in an amazing blue color making it so unique where very simple bathroom sets are used in it in white color to add some shine.

If you are looking for something more unique or fancy, a bathroom is also introduced using tiles, a large bathtub, a wide rectangular mirror with a great wooden frame, a sink cabinet, and the most unique touch in this bathroom comes in the glass window put beside the tub to give you a complete view of the surrounding, or maybe you can opt for a marble bathroom and go more for luxury. Adding a stone wall behind the bathtub for example is certain to give a unique look for the bathroom especially when making irregular stones for an eye catchy style. For those lucky ones who can have a bathroom that overlooks the ocean, comfort is calling their names. Go for a really fancy and luxurious bathroom like this one that has unique colored walls, a bathtub installed near the edge of the balcony to enjoy the view and the fresh air, shelves and a towel stand are also added along with a simple rug and some plants to complete the fancy look. Colors also play a great role in making any bathroom unique even if the bathroom furniture used is so simple like making a bathroom with green walls to give a bright look. Just feel free to mix any two ideas together if you feel like it as long as you don’t ruin the whole design of your bathroom.

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