The Full Story Behind These Incredible Underwater Wedding Photographs

Underwater Wedding Photographs 1

Novel, innovative, individuality, unique and remarkable are all adjectives which can and should be used to describe the work of the photographer Adam Opris. You can then add the more common adjectives such as stunning, breathtaking, serene, emotive and captivating. We have only recently come across the work of Adam and we have been totally blown away at his combination of skill, artistic approach, and novel way of creating a unique and special setting for what are photographs that will be cherished for a lifetime. When you think about it all, that is quite some responsibility to shoulder while you are trying to persuade someone that having their photograph taken underwater really is a very good idea. The big question though is where did Adam get his inspiration from as this really is a very radical form of wedding photography? We have been very fortunate to have been in direct contact with Adam when we interviewed him about his underwater maternity photographs which we were so impressed with and he has kindly supplied us with a short biography of how he came to specialize in underwater photography.


As Adam tells us “I grew up in the ocean, and to this day there is always sand in my car. I am constantly looking to push the envelope with my art and when I saw some underwater images everything became clear to me. The lure of the ocean and being underwater led me to get dive certified and invest in an underwater Ikelite housing for my camera! I saw gorgeous photos of marine life and I knew that if I could bring my clients down there, we could create magic!” We are so pleased to now see the incredible results of his tremendous conviction. However it is difficult to know how to describe his work because of its uniqueness. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in this instance, we don’t feel that what we can say will do justice to what you can see. Perhaps, for once, we had better let you decide what you think for yourselves.


To complete the story of how the first wedding shoot came about, Adam went on to let us know that “I knew that by merging my two passions for the ocean and weddings I would break into a new world of creativity. When I told my fiance and the rest of my family my plans for this shoot they were extremely supportive, but concerned at the same time. Knowing I was just recently certified and how I tend to push things to the edge, they wanted to make sure I was safe. As soon as I knew I had six seats I hit the ground running. I decided I would shoot four brides and two grooms. I took a chance and contacted FashionTV to see if they would be interested in supporting my shoot. After some communication they agreed and now I had the backing of the worldwide fashion giant! With this support, knowing my budget was nothing, I knew I had to reach out to other creatives in the industry. By contacting people I knew and trusted in the industry I was able to secure four wedding dresses, two tuxedos, four unique flower bouquets, heels for the girls, as well as makeup and video services, all through generous donations from amazing companies. Now that I had the makings of a shoot, I needed people! I used Facebook to reach out to my fans and the community looking for couples and individuals who were dive certified and willing to take part in my dream experiment! I received such an overwhelming response that it was truly humbling that people not only trusted me, but loved my work enough to want to be a part of something so different. The two couples are really married and love to dive! The other two individual girls are avid divers and ocean lovers as well.”





































Well we are certainly glad everything turned out well for Adam and we are equally thrilled to be able to share so many of his emotive and thought-provoking images with you. We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we have.

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