Unbelievable Four-Year-Old Girl Swimming and Diving Like a Mermaid [Video]

Carla the Mermaid

Just a few weeks ago on Stylish Eve we published a photographic post about ‘merbabies’ – baby mermaids. With over 15k likes already we can’t decide whether it was the fact they were babies, or mermaids, that attracted your interest. As we have produced several other posts on babies we decided that maybe some of you would prefer to see some more water-oriented posts, so here you are. We believe we have spotted what could be a real-life mermaid having a ‘whale’ of a time in a Florida swimming pool. Reading between the lines we believe that this young girl’s name is Carla Laurent and she and her family, including her photographer mother, Louisa Laurent, are from Florida in the United States.

So why would a video of a four-year-old girl get over 30 million views on YouTube? Well part of the answer to that lies in the question. Carla is only four years old. Many children can’t even swim at that age, let alone look so at home and natural in the water. Secondly, she swims with her eyes open. Now how many of us do that? Not many we guess, and so that makes her appear even more natural in a watery environment. Finally comes the ease and grace with which she swims around. Her actions make swimming look effortless, and how she managed to tread water and spin round at the same time was almost mesmerizing. Maybe now you will understand why young Carla has become such an internet hit….or maybe it is because, secretly, she really is a mermaid!

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