Ultra Modern Table Designs

Do you like unusual furniture? Do you like to have a unique style in your home? This is a collection of unusual table designs that look strange but original and ultra-modern. The first one looks so nice with a superb ripple effect inspired by water; it’s so unique and innovative yet simple and modern. The puzzle table is very original; in elegant wood finishes, it has the exact shape of a puzzle, as it is composed of 2 puzzle pieces that can be easily disassembled and rejoined. For fans of play stations, this table is made especially for you; it has exactly the same shape of a joystick with a glass surface on top. This original coffee table is made of MDF and plywood. There are many other strange table designs in this post like the diamond shaped table, the cubes shaped table and the diagonal one. All of those tables are not just good looking but also durable and practical and designed to give the contemporary interior a unique touch yet with a functional and practical usage.

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