Two of the Funniest Dogs Waiting Patiently to Get Served in a Busy Restaurant

Two of the Funniest Dogs Eating in a Busy Restaurant

Sometimes you see a video that is funny on so many levels and you know you just have to share it and spread the word. That is very much the case with this video which was produced by Danish pair Charlotte and Kristian Septimius Krogh. Kristian is a professional photographer by trade, while Charlotte is an author, so clearly they are both creative individuals. However creativity has its boundaries, and this video seems to have stretched them to the extreme. It is difficult to know what is actually so funny. Is it just the idea and the novelty? Maybe it is the fact they have chosen two dogs that have very expressive faces and whose heads are relatively in proportion to those of ‘real’ human beings. Of course it is difficult not to laugh when you see two dogs who appear to have hands, and as far as we are concerned, it is the humanistic expressions and mannerisms performed by the hands that we find so totally hilarious.

And who exactly are the two stars of this brilliant video? Well say hello to Nono, who is a yellow Labrador, and Sia, who is a Danish Broholmer, which is an old traditional breed. Very much like the video we had of Clark the ‘talking’ dog being teased, this video actually was intended as nothing but a joke and a bit of fun, so Kristian and Charlotte were not expecting it to go viral. However the idea, together with the two stars themselves, have now become popular throughout the world, and as Kristian says “regular [appearances] on television in many countries has made these two dogs world famous”. Maybe all that fame won’t mean much to the dogs, though we’re sure they will get the occasional extra treat that would be befitting of such canine ‘royalty’. For those of you who are concerned about the dangers of using knives and forks with the dogs, Kristian assures us the dogs were well trained and ‘acclimatized’ to these utensils. Oh, and just in case anyone thought the video itself might be fake, they have produced an ‘outtake’ video showing you how they worked with the two dogs.

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