Twins Putting Themselves to Bed [Video]

Bedtime for Twins

If you are a parent then we are sure you have had times when you have really struggled to get your young child off to sleep. No matter what you try, nothing seems to work. So, can you imagine what it must be like if you have twins you need to get to bed? Doubtless twice the noise, twice the trouble and twice the resistance? Well somebody ought to tell these twins something because they are not living up to expectation, by a long way. No sign here of tantrums, tears and teddy bears thrown out of the crib. Instead nothing but happiness, contentment and still a little bit of excess energy that enables them both to climb in to their nighttime havens. What a breath of fresh air to see two young children so contented to go to bed. So what do you think the secret to these parents success is?

Well for a start, though the children have enough energy to climb in to bed, they do seem quite tired. One suspects they have had quite a hectic day and eventually everyone has to run out of steam. Additionally, without stating the very obvious, they are not going to bed alone. How many times have you sensed that your young one would go to sleep if you just stayed in the room with them? We think that these twins are simply comforted by the knowledge that despite it being dark, they are safe because their sibling is right there next to them. And the final reason these children may sleep well is because you can tell from the tone of their parents and their parents’ manner that they are also calm and relaxed, which rubs off on the children.

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