Fantastic Triplet Babies’ First Swimming Lesson [Video]

Triplet Babies’ First Swimming Lesson

As you will have discovered from one or two recent articles posted on Stylish Eve, there seems to be no minimum age before you can take your baby swimming – well actually 6 months upwards is probably best, but you know what we mean! Having one baby to take swimming is a pretty amazing experience, so imagine what it must be like to triple all those emotions and feelings. Here we have the Winnie Triplets, Brayden, Asher and Charlotte, who happen to have just reached that magical six-month mark. What better way to celebrate such a momentous milestone but to wander down to the local swimming pool, yes that’s right, with all three babies in tow…. And what a great occasion it turned out to be. There is no doubt whatsoever that these triplets are going to have a ‘whale’ of a time, and how great that all three seem to take to the water like ducks.

The family is of Chinese origin but live in Singapore, where this video was shot. You will notice that even before these triplets went swimming they were ‘warmed up’ with a bit of physical therapy. It just shows you are never too young for a bit of toning! After that it was Brayden who was first to venture into this brave new world, and doesn’t he appear to be very much at home in this new watery environment? What we found fascinating and what the triplets mum explained underneath, was the water ring buoyancy aid. It seems to be a popular Asian flotation aid which is known as a neck ring, and it is exactly what it says it is. It seems to cause no discomfort to any of the triplets and fits very snugly and safely round their necks. What a cool idea!
Descrip: First swimming lesson for three amazing babies who are only 6 months old. What a full-on adventure for these triplets’ parents too!

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