Trendy White Kitchen Designs

Although colors have recently made a remarkable appearance in kitchen furniture, white remains a true sign of a trendy kitchen—very contemporary yet timeless. If you are a fan of minimalist & Zen decoration, you will be for sure a fan of white interiors because the color white enhances the look of the sleek lines of your furniture and gives a chic yet very pure look to the whole; for you, we present this collection with a big variety of inspiring white kitchen designs for an elegant yet up-to-date kitchen look. Dare to have a total white look from the walls to the kitchen furniture to create a sophisticated style that is both Zen and ultra-contemporary; for this, choose very sleek furniture and play on a minimalist kitchen design. Another trendy look is the white & black kitchen; this contrast that is still very fashionable is sure to create a very contemporary effect, and give your kitchen design more elegance.

To highlight the white furniture in your kitchen, you can opt for details in a darker color. For example, you can dress your white kitchen furniture with a wood worktop and credenza gray for a very original look. To make your kitchen look like a brilliant jewel, you can opt for a lacquered surface of furniture. Then light will be reflected throughout the kitchen giving it a unique style depending on the time of the day. To make your white kitchen look warm & friendly, play on colors and materials. Paint the kitchen walls a warm color like red, for example, and then go for wood worktops to warm the atmosphere.

To boost the white kitchen furniture, paint the walls of the kitchen in a vibrant color like green apple; the kitchen will look very joyful and dynamic. Remember also to customize the furniture with stickers in tangy colors. To keep the white spirit of your kitchen while adding a touch of color, go for an original floor color. You can opt for an unusual color in the kitchen floor covering like blue, which will enhance the purity of the rest of the white kitchen. To soften and feminize your white kitchen furniture, you can choose to paint the walls a subtle pink color, and accessorize the whole look with colorful girlish details.

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