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College is coming up, prepare yourselves! Since your college dorm is like your next home all during your college semester, then you have to decorate it in a nice way that makes you love this place and enjoy staying there. You will spend a lot of time in your college dorm studying, sleeping, reading, and relaxing. That’s why it must be designed in a comfortable and practical way that lets you relax in a room that you love all while having practical furniture that lets you gather all what’s necessary for your college stuff. We are presenting you here some inspirational ideas on how to design a trendy college dorm that lets you enjoy your stay all your college semester. The perfect college dorm for teens should be colorful and bright; all teens love colors and will adore colored walls and even furniture. You can even get colored and printed bedding to add more style. Utilize the space that you have, add a comfortable bed and a studying desk that helps you concentrate while being practical to add all your college books, papers, assignments, tools, and more. Don’t forget to add shelves because they will be very important in your dorm, you’ll need them to store books and different stuff. Add your personal touch in the room like adding a nice portrait, a plant, a drawing, a musical tool, and many more other ideas that make you feel at home.

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