Pretty Christmas Tree Hairstyle That’s Easier to Do Than it Looks!

Tree Christmas Hairstyle

This time of year is full of holiday parties and get-togethers to go to, and we’re always looking for easy and beautiful looks to try! This is a video that got over 10k views in a week, so it is obviously going to be a popular look this Christmastime! We always love the tutorials from Princess Hair Styles and this one is no exception! With just a few little hair ties, you end up with an elegant, Renaissance-look hairstyle with your little hair ties in the pattern of a Christmas tree! You can use coloured hair ties to create the Christmas tree pattern, and you can even put little clips and decorations in your hair to look like Christmas ornaments!


This is a multi-purpose style that can go subtle and elegant or festive, fun, and over-the-top! It’s a really simple process. You start with a small amount of hair tied back right on top of your head for the beginning of the Christmas tree hair net. You pull two small amounts of hair from either side of your head, split the existing ponytail into two, and tie both in hair ties. So for the second row you have two hair ties. For the third row, you split the two existing pony tails in half, tie the middle half together with a hair tie, and pull two more small pieces of hair from either side of your hair to join with the remaining hair from both ponytails. So for the third row you have three hair ties. Continue the process until you have as many hair ties as you want in your hair, and voila! You have a beautiful lacy holiday hair style!












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