Trapezoidal Pigeon Creek Residence in Western Michigan by Lucid Architecture

Trapezoidal Pigeon Creek Residence in Western Michigan by LUCID Architecture 1


Designed by Lucid Architecture, the Pigeon Creek Residence in Michigan has a unique geometric shape that instantly identifies itself as a contemporary and modern piece. This single family residence was built amidst the forests of the Olive Township to impart a harmonious commune with nature, and it is a success.

The exterior of the home is western red cedar planking offset by a sapele common mullion wood window system. The warm tones of the wood allow for a seamless integration into its surroundings while providing the perfect canvas for sunlight.


Observe the floating cedar deck at the entryway to the home, and the level of drama it brings. This is not your ordinary log cabin; this is a work of well conceived art.



The interior of the house preserves the modish appeal of the outside. Even though the dwelling is surrounded by wetlands, the crispness of the natural wood and cement accents refuses to fall flat.



From the rear of the home, the appearance is that of a simple box shape and according to Lucid Architecture, this build was modeled after the boxcar trains found bordering the property line


The design team appears to be utilizing a color scheme that mimics the hues found in the neighboring forestry. Dark ebony tones, cool yellows, cozy grays, relaxed blues and neutral creams fit nicely with the décor and intent for the space.


The kitchen area, with its trendy cabinetry and vogue fixtures, is placed in an open layout allowing for ease of service when entertaining guests or for a family with children.


A cubist arrangement of windows maximizes exposure to natural light while the massive trees ensure privacy for the residents. To be certain, each side of the house is well equipped with stylish apertures.




High ceilings and an open floor plan make certain that everyone in the space remains connected and proffers intimacy in common areas.

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