Transformation of Rescued Homeless Dog with an Extra Happy Ending [Video]

Rescued Dog with an Extra Happy Ending

You would think that a dog abandoned by its owner would have a pretty skeptical outlook on people and life. If you then find that dog abandoned on a waste site, ridden with fleas, and mange, barely able to stand through malnourishment, you might even expect it to be vicious and generally angry. If it were a human being you can bet it definitely would be. But one very special dog has been able to teach us all a valuable lesson about life. No matter how badly you get treated, don’t forget how to love someone. It is quite a surprise that almost instantly the dog felt safe enough to trust her rescuer, even to the point of jumping into their vehicle, something some very fit and healthy dogs don’t enjoy doing. From there it was a short trip to the veterinary center for immediate treatment.

Once more the dog has to place immense trust in total strangers, and even has to endure a bath which, as you know from our recent post, a number of dogs just hate. But this downtrodden creature, well perhaps she had just about had enough and had no fight left in her. How wonderful then to see the affection she showed to her rescuer after just three days, as though she knew what he had done for her. Can you imagine what it must have been like for that dog to finally stop itching after years of scratching ‘til she bled? And then came the most touching moment of it all. Our rescued dog becomes the ‘rescuer’ for a very scared little Chihuahua cross who she takes under her wing and ensures that all will be well. How remarkable to see after just a couple of weeks how much of the dog’s coat had grown back and how much weight she had put on. This is very definitely a happy ever after story!

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