Traditional Interior Design Wooden Furniture

For the fans of the classic decorating style, Minacciolo offers its new “English Mood” collection which consists of furniture for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms & living rooms, all inspired by the old England furniture style. Minacciolo presented this collection as ” Noble, refined and elegant, but at the same time evocative of tender family sentiments”. All designs are reflecting the luxurious and warm feeling of the old England style. Furniture is made of excellent quality of wood with strong craft and with non-toxic finishes. The collection is conserving the charm of the old style but not neglecting the functionality of the recent technologies; kitchens are equipped with the most contemporary appliances to satisfy the modern housewife. Bathroom cabinets & units are large for a maximum storage. Living rooms & bedrooms make you feel very comfortable and tranquil. White & beige colors were dominating in this collection to complete the warm and traditional atmosphere.

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