Touching Moments Between Labrador Dog and Down’s Syndrome Boy

Labrador Dog and Downs Syndrome Boy

Just occasionally you come across a video that really touches you, affects you, and leaves a lasting impression on you. So is the case of a video recording the encounter between Himalaya, a lovely golden Labrador, and Hernan, a sweet little boy who suffers from an acute case of Down’s Syndrome. Ana, Hernan’s mum, explains that he is a very reserved child who shies away from any form of physical contact from humans. On this particular day Ana’s brother paid them both a visit and he had brought his dog, Himalaya, with him. Now one thing is for certain, dogs have a great understanding of the vulnerability of babies and young children and will often behave accordingly. However if you don’t believe us, then perhaps this incredibly touching video might just change your mind. One wonders with such a young child whether his natural body language is more easily understood by this dog.

It is impossible not to be moved by this video, though in the comments section underneath there seems to be many people who are more interested in trying to find reason to vent their anger at what has been portrayed. We do find this strange as we know the young boy is uncomfortable with physical contact, yet while he moves away from the dog at times, he doesn’t get up and walk off, which he was very capable of doing. In addition, at other times he pulls the dog’s paw towards him, and even gives the dog a hug at one point. We are of the opinion this is just a novel form of interaction and like anything new, the boy has his moments of indecision where there’s going to be a bit of ‘yes please’ followed by some ‘no thank you’. We just want you to enjoy this touching video and to look out for the moment when Himalaya lays his paw on the boy’s shoulder so gently. It is one of those magical moments in life you will struggle to forget.

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