Top Three Father and Bride Wedding Dances with a Twist

Special Father and Bride Dances

Ask any bride, and apart from actually marrying her fiancée and becoming his wife, the next most important part of the wedding is the father and bride dance at the wedding reception. This is always such a touching moment as it is the first time the bride’s father will have had a chance to spend any quality time with the daughter he has given away in marriage. It is an important part of the whole day as it is almost like a rite of passage for both the father and his daughter. This is the point where both of them accept that the daughter has finally grown up and is a woman in her own right. However every bride still wants to remain ‘daddy’s little girl’ and this is also a touching time where she can gain that extra bit of reassurance that while life has changed for both of them, some things will never change.

The first father and bride video we selected for you is both sad, and touching, as the father of the bride has passed and instead she danced with all the male members of her family while ‘Butterfly Kisses’ played in the background. It is not pleasant seeming to be like a voyeur, but it is evident that this young woman still desperately misses her father, and a day such as her wedding can do little other than highlight his absence.

In our second video this is clearly a fun break with tradition and we adore this father and bride for their ingenuity. As you can tell from the audience’s reaction they were totally unprepared for what happened shortly after the traditional slow dance had begun. However what surprised us all is how game for a laugh Dad was and how much energy he had!

In our third video dad and daughter clearly get the best of both worlds. Not only do they get to share a tender and touching long slow dance, but then they also get to kick back and both let their hair down with something a little more energetic. Once again you can tell from the reaction of the guests this was definitely a surprise and boy did it go down well!

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