Top Gift Ideas for Kids for Christmas 2012

No doubt children are the most ones who wait for Christmas Eve every year to receive their gifts! To increase the joy of Christmas for your children and all the family kids, get them the best gifts that will not just please them, but will also last for a long time without causing any risks. If you haven’t decided yet what to offer to your family kids, here’s an interesting collection of the top kids’ gift ideas for Christmas 2012. When the baby pushes this little magic vacuum, its 3 small balls escape frantically. Quickly, must catch them! This funny kids’ vacuum is available at Aspiballes Fisher. Price: 26 €. We never get bored of minim games; this kind of games attracts both kids and adults especially in cold winter days when the family is gathered around the fireplace! This minim game from Educa Borras is very funny: start the roulette, draw a card and it determines what should you mimic: animals, people, objects, actions … With empty cards, the child is even free to imitate what he wants. Price: 15 €.

Is your child always using your own computer and you are scared of the idea that he may use the internet badly? Offer him the LeapPad. This touch pad designed specifically for kids contains more than 100 games and applications and makes it safe from the dangers of the internet, and there’s no risk of breakage since the machine is robust. Remember monopoly? The traditional game we used to play when we were kids! Here’s an innovative version called Crise Crash: a new game that aims to lose as little money as possible. We advance avoiding radar boxes, the stock market crash, and the police and try to sell goods without succumbing to the temptation of gambling. Ultimate goal: the “golden parachute” box. Dobble Kids is a cool game that will interest kids: it is composed of 30 cards that represent animals in different forms. Between each two cards, there’s a common animal, and the goal is to find it faster than the opponent. Depending on the age of the child, several variations of the game are possible. Price: 12 Euros.

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