Top 9 Luxury Women’s Watches for 2013

Top 9 Luxury Womens Watches for 2013


When your timepiece is one of your sole accessories, not just an accessory part of your whole look, you pay much care to its style, detail, material, and definitely brand name. Therefore, it might take you a long time to eventually find the one you want. To help save you a lot of time, we’ve collected the 9 best luxury watches for 2013 that will bedazzle any woman’s wrist and wardrobe!!

1. Chanel Première Watch:

Chanel Première Watch

Premiere watch is an excellent example to show how “less is more” with its delicate, yet stunning design. A gold chain bracelet and a black lacquered rectangular dial give this Chanel watch a lot of sophistication. This is THE ONE to go to if you want a truly dainty, and feminine watch style!!



Lovers of pure luxury, character, and boldness will definitely admire this high-end timepiece as soon as their eyes fall on it!! TAG HEUER CARRERA is a best seller and includes diamonds on the bezel, case and pure dial. The strap of the watch is made of black alligator which is one of the main reasons behind the boldness of this watch.

3. Burberry The Pioneer Check Watch:

Burberry The Pioneer Check Watch

True Burberry fans will find this watch stunning in every way. The Pioneer is one of the best Burberry watch collections, and this one is especially unique for its Burberry “Haymarket Check” strap and check-stamped dial. The simple, sharp, thin and feminine design makes this watch perfect.

4. Omega Ladyamatic:

Omega Ladyamatic

It’s never a crime to over indulge, especially when you just can’t help it. This fancy Omega Ladyamatic watch will become your weak point with its gold and silver tones and stunning diamonds on the bezel. That’s not all there is to it though, as this luxury piece also has a swirling pattern on the dial for a sleek touch.

5. Gucci Interlocking Watch:

Gucci Interlocking Watch

Sophistication wrapped in smoothness and delicacy, that’s how I see this Gucci Interlocking Watch. In fact, the interlocking of two opposite ‘G’s’ gives this timepiece a lot of character which is further enhanced by paving diamonds in the lower ‘G.’ To make it simple, the dial comes in plain black, and the black crocodile strap gives it the perfect finish.

6. Emporio Armani Classic Analogical Watch:

Emporio Armani Classic Analogical Watch

Although the designer name is itself enough reason to want this Emporio Armani Classic Analogical Watch, this timepiece holds much more than its name. Rose gold is known to be a ladies’ favorite, and once combined with a beige leather strap, an extremely feminine and delicate watch is born. Roman numbers give this watch a unique look and go very well with the Emporio Armani eagle motif.

7. Louis Vuitton Tambour Spin Time Jewelry:

Louis Vuitton Tambour Spin Time Jewelry

This timepiece simply makes you feel like you’re holding a piece of the sky just to know what time it is – wow!! Louis Vuitton presents a black and white Tambour Spin watch that has its dial totally covered in pave diamonds in alternating colors, along with the Louis Vuitton crosses, it has a definite sky feel. The overall look is balanced using a white alligator strap that completes the neat look of the watch. No words can explain the luxury obtained from this piece.

8. Ebel Beluga:

Ebel Beluga

Since we’re talking about women, curves come straight to the mind. Ebel presents a feminine contoured Beluga watch that’s only fit for ladies. Simple in its design and accented with diamonds on the bezel, this piece is perfect for the ladies who want a chic watch that adds a lavish and subtle touch to their look.

9. Versace Mystique Flora:

Versace Mystique Flora

Finally, we’ll just end this review with an impressive, eye catching Versace piece. This Mystique Flora watch is perfect for almost all wardrobes since it comes in a neat shiny color white, but what really makes it different are the two turquoise and yellow tulip flowers on its dial. Along with the great Versace name, this timepiece is a must have for summer.

After reviewing the 9 top luxury watches, it’s time to make up your mind and decide on the one that has most captured your heart and eyes. You can definitely pick out more than one, if you can afford it!!

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