Top 10 Hairstyles at the 2013 Oscars

Top 10 Hairstyles at the 2013 Oscars 9

Our precious readers, have you read the topic titled “Oscar Awards 2013 Hairstyles”? Wait a second; is it the question that I wanted to ask?!! Okay, okay, let’s forget about this last mentioned couple of sentences and start revealing our top 10 list of the celebrity hairdos seen on the Oscar’s red carpet.

1- Sandra Bullock:

The first hairstyle on our top 10 list is the super sleek straight down do worn by the stunning Sandra Bullock. The actress accented this do with an elegant diamond brooch which made it look more spectacular and gorgeous than it already is.

Top-10-Hairstyles- at-the-2013-Oscars_1

2- Kristen Stewart:

Who can rock the unbrushed messy flowing locks better than I?! None, I guess!! This is the message we got from Kristen Stewart at the 2013 Oscars. Let me tell you that she looked very stylish and glamorous in the same time. Honestly, I loved her hairstyle so much, and I guess that I am not the only one who did..

Top-10-Hairstyles- at-the-2013-Oscars_2

3- Maria Menounos:

A 60s inspired bouffant, some barley-there waves and a strand as headband were the main ingredients of the hairstyle worn by the actress and presenter Maria Menounos at the 85th Annual Academy Awards. How creative and glamorous this do is, right?!

Top-10-Hairstyles- at-the-2013-Oscars_3

4- Reese Witherspoon:

The sweet actress, yet the new mom Reese Witherspoon has succeeded to turn all the heads on the Oscar Awards red carpet with her retro glossy wavy down do which gave her the oh-so-chic and hot look that nobody can resist.

Top-10-Hairstyles- at-the-2013-Oscars_4

5- Louise Roe:

The hairstyle that occupies the fifth rank on today’s list is the side-swept curly ponytail worn by the English presenter Louise Roe. What made us choose it?! Simply, its sweet, soft, alluring and eye catching look..

Top-10-Hairstyles- at-the-2013-Oscars_5

6- Adele:

A half updo with a voluminous retro bouffant, doesn’t this chic hairdo remind you of anyone? Adele, of course!! Actually, this is exactly the hairstyle worn by the “Sky fall” singer on the 2013 Academy Awards’ red carpet.

Top-10-Hairstyles- at-the-2013-Oscars_6

7- Stacy Keibler:

How does the former professional wrestler Stacy Keibler usually look? Hot and chic, right? Let me tell you that she looked much hotter and chicer at the 2013 Oscar Awards and the reason was her glam curly faux-bob which represents the seventh hairstyle on today’s list.

Top-10-Hairstyles- at-the-2013-Oscars_7

8- Jennifer Lawrence:

Hay, JLaw! Charm us more!! Believe me; you may not be able to prevent yourselves from saying so, after seeing the alluring, yet sophisticated low bun worn by the “Hunger Games” starlet Jennifer Lawrence at this year’s Oscars.

Top-10-Hairstyles- at-the-2013-Oscars_8

9- Amy Adams:

Dear ladies, what do you think of the French twists? If you truly love them, then why don’t you try the one worn by the beautiful actress Amy Adams on the Oscars red carpet this year?! It is glamorous and eye catching.

Top-10-Hairstyles- at-the-2013-Oscars_9

10- Charlize Theron:

Which hairdo do you think the stunning actress Charlize Theron wore at the 2013 Oscars? A buzz cut? No, readers, you are absolutely wrong! As the sexy star turned all the heads on the red carpet with her feminine and sexy pixie haircut. Yup, ladies, her hair has grown to charm us more. By the way, this is the tenth, or let’s say the last, hairstyle on our top 10 list.

Top-10-Hairstyles- at-the-2013-Oscars_10

Now, I can say goodbye my precious readers. Just don’t forget to tell us in the comments which hairdo do you love most?!

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