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5 Videos That Took the Internet by Storm

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We understand how stressful it is nowadays. Your home feed is full of negativity. Everyone is sharing disturbing news. With the lockdown and the disruption of our everyday lives, fear and uncertainty are everywhere around us.  This is no good. So, we’ve collected the videos that took the internet by storm to cheer you up. Every once in a while, we come across a video that we just want to stare at all day, for its originality, perspective, or because it’s just so funny. Today, we ask you to look no further. The best videos are here.

Does Eyebrows Really Matter? I Believe This Man’s Opinion Settles the Matter.

Do you have a daughter? Is she conscious about how she looks? Does she annoy you with her questions? This father takes his frustration to the next level. It turns out his daughter is freaking out about how her eyebrows look. She keeps asking him: are they bushy? Do they look okay? The poor dad goes online to assure his daughter and all women out there that no one has ever cared or will ever care about a woman’s eyebrows. This will definitely put a smile on your face.


How Far Can You Go to Support Your Kids? This Man Goes the Extra Mile

For this man, the ballet lessons that he takes his daughter to have definitely paid off. During the final performance, his little daughter got so scared and started crying. It turns out he’s learnt all the moves himself simply by watching her during training. So, this amazing dad didn’t worry about embarrassing himself. He simply stepped up to help his daughter. Watching them dance together on stage is so endearing. This video shows everyone what it is to be a supporting, caring father. This little girl will cherish this moment for many years to come.

You’re Never Too Old to Enjoy a Kid’s Story. This Granny’s Laugh is So Contagious

Not everyone enjoys reading stories to their kids. Some think the stories are silly, childish, or boring. And they just read the stories for the sake of their kids. Not this grandma who seems to be having an amazing time reading the Wonky Donkey to her grandchild who by the way doesn’t have a clue why she is laughing out loud. Isn’t she cute? I definitely want to listen to her read all my favorite books.

The World Is an Adventure That Never Ends for Kids

Have you ever wondered how kids see the world? Why do they always seem excited and happy about mundane things that we take for granted? What is it about the kids? Well, what makes kids so unique is their vivid imagination. They can see a toy and imagine a tiger. They think the moon follows them everywhere. In this video, you can finally see how your kids see the world so maybe you can share their excitement.

The Most Important Lessons We Can Learn From Kids

Can you remember what your world was like when you were just a little kid? The world wasn’t so scary. You felt like you could try new things. You thought you could fly. Everything was simply beautiful and easy. It was also the time you made most of your friends. As we grow older, a lot of the things we thought were easy and possible become more difficult. Those little kids teach older people how to make friends. Watching them introduce themselves to older people sitting alone, talk about the importance of having friends, and ask all sorts of cute questions is so touching.

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