This Travelling Cat and Dog Go Across the World Together, and Their Pictures Are Adorable

They’re inseparable!

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For a cat and a dog to a share  the couch is no longer a big deal, however, this adorable duo is travelling around the world with their mom and owner, Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend.

Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend are keen hikers, but they realized they needed more company.

Back in 2014, they adopted their dog Henry at a puppy adoption event. “We looked around and Henry was just sitting there,” said Cynthia. “They said he was only 3 and a half months, but he was like five times bigger than the other 3 and a half-month old puppies. And he had these long legs, and the body type of a wolf or husky.”

“He just curled up into my lap and went belly up and flipped his head over my arm. And from then, I decided that he was coming home with us.”

As Bennett mentioned, “I think we only had him for three days when we took him on our first hike. He found the steepest, tallest rock around, and he ran up to the top of it to look over the edge.” That’s how he got the nickname “little mountain goat”.

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Soon the couple decided to add another fluffy member and began the search for a kitten. “I really wanted a rescue kitten. I’d looked for five months, and I saw lots of different kittens, but none of them really had the right personality or fit. I knew that I wanted to take him anywhere — camping, hiking.”

It was then that they found Baloo at a local animal shelter. He was a Siamese mix and as soon as they met, they clicked right away. “He ran right up to me,” Cynthia said. “And he was the one who played, but he wasn’t the most rowdy.”

They took Baloo home and it was love at first sight as, Baloo immediately they cuddled. Before long, Baloo started joining the family on their trips and they have wonderful adventures together which they have documented with these beautiful photos.

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It is weird that a domestic pet like a cat enjoys such adventures.

“I get a lot of questions about how we got him used to it. But he really loves it. He really wants to go outside. If I touch Henry’s leash, [Baloo] will start screaming at the door,” Bennet added.

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“It was love at first sight for Baloo and Henry and the two companions have become inseparable.”

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“He’s definitely not the kind of cat we can leave home alone on the weekend anymore, I think he thinks he’s more a dog than anything.”

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“Henry has become the best big brother and always checks on him to make sure he is doing okay.”

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“Baloo is so attached to the big pooch that when Cynthia put him onto Henry’s head for a photo — he liked it so much that it became a favorite spot.”

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Image Credit: henrythecoloradodog

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