This Reese Witherspoon Meme About 2020 Is So Popular Everybody Is Creating Their Own

Reese Witherspoon Challenge
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Everyone can create memes. This time it’s the Reese Witherspoon’s meme. Memes are almost synonymous with the internet. Both have co-existed together for a long time now. Everybody loves memes. They are funny, relatable, and spread fast. They are so popular that everyone can create their own memes. Memes can be about anything: an inside joke you share with your friends or using movie scenes to sarcastically make fun of reality. A lot of people would argue that 2020 is the worst year so far and for good reasons. We haven’t seen anything like it before, but that doesn’t mean we don’t joke about it. It is the only thing that makes it a little bit better.

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Image Credit: Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon, the American actress, who is famous for Legally Blonde and the TV series, Big Little Lies, has had enough of 2020 already. She has decided to create a meme about this year. It has become so popular that now everyone is creating their own. Being quite a talented actress as she is, she is using photos from movies she has starred in to sum up every month of this year. Her Instagram post has gone viral. It has been liked by more than one million people. And fellow actors and actresses have decided to follow suit. As we speak, everyone is looking for photos (celebrity or not) to participate in the #Reesechallenge. Let’s see her post and who else has participated? [h/t: Buzzfeed]

#1 Reese Witherspoon, the meme queen who started it all

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Image Credit: Reese Witherspoon

#2 Mark Ruffalo, also known as the Hulk

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Image Credit: Mark Ruffalo

#3 We’d have to agree with Michelle Pfeiffer on this one. This year does look like Lamia, the evil witch from Stardust

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Image Credit: Michelle Pfeiffer

#4 It’s Jennifer Garner, everybody. I’d have to say some people start a meme but others can perfect it. Do we have a winner?

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Image Credit: Jennifer Garner

#5 Naomi Watts, the sponsor of facial expressions for the infamous 2020

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Image Credit: Naomi Watts

#6 Zooey Deschanel and the things she must have seen

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Image Credit: Zooey Deschanel

#7 Jessica Chastain – if only she can go back in time to fix it all like her dad in Interstellar (nip the coronavirus in the bud)

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Image Credit: Jessica Chastain

#8 Viola Davis and only 2020 would make someone cry all these tears

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Image Credit: Viola Davis

You don’t have to be a celebrity to participate. Actors and actresses have the edge on everybody else because they have a lot of photos to cover every facial expression and emotion under the sun. Luckily, celebrities aren’t the only one participating in this meme. After all, everyone has to say something about this year. Here are some of our most favorite picks from #Reesechallenge.

#9 Can this year be getting any worse?

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Image Credit: donnapetrecco

#10 Yes, what do we know? All months are exactly the same

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Image Credit: kilo.gypsy.fam

#11 The look of surprise on this dog’s face is simply priceless. This year did take everyone by surprise.

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Image Credit: max.and.moose

#12 The least we can say about this year is: it’s complicated

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Image Credit: sheissocial

#13 I’m sure this little girl had better plans.

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Image Credit: the_real_jaytee

#14 And this little baby who has been crying for months on end

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Image Credit: zozomaiden

At Stylish Eve, we couldn’t see why we shouldn’t create our own meme about 2020? So, here it is.

#15 Thank you, Tolkien and Andy Serkis for giving us Gollum

serkis gollum
Image Credit: Andy Serkis and Looper

I think now is the time you look up your photos and try to come up with a meme about this unforgettable year. No one knows what you may come up with but we are sure it’s definitely going to be better than this year, and if your photos cannot describe the emotional roller coaster we’ve all been into, you can always use movies, songs, or whatever it is that you like. Because you need to remember that with memes, the sky is the limit.

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